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you make me happy


an mh original.


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punch buggy

my brothers think this game is the most awesome game ever. next to “doorknob,” of course. albeit a bit funny, it’s annoying (and dangerous, especially when you’re IN a vw) when you’re the only two people in the car. note (LUKE & ANDREW): the rule where you can’t punch the driver. i so owe you a punch. have you ever been curious about who invented this game? wonder no more, vw tracked him down. his name is sluggy patterson (first name is a bit ironic) and, wait for it….he has a blog. i’ll pause while you add it to your google reader. i constantly wonder why vw is so stinking cool and i’m so happy i support them.

side note: i really want to be friends with sluggy.

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type cutters

me thinks me needs these.


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what’s in a name?

in an effort to bring my personal website to a more professional (read: awesome) level, i have done a complete redesign from the ground up, of my personal site, go check it out, i’m pretty proud of it. it’s got a way to go but the end is nigh. along with a new website, my amazing boyfriend so kindly offered to build me a new blog as well. he hates prefabbed blogs, and would love to make you a blog, too. there’s your plug, biff. oh and here’s a teaser of the new blog just for you:

anyway, back to my point. i designed this bigger, better, more awesome blog and now i’m stuck on the name. i’ve been ‘seemeghanblog’ (and if you’re wondering, it’s a play off see spot run, which i used on my old website, seemeghandesign) since may and now i’m at a bit of a crossroad. do i keep ‘seemeghanblog’ or do i graduate to ‘mhblog,’ which is an extension of my personal ‘brand,’ as the url will simply be you’ll see once the new blog is totally ready to go that it really mirrors my professional site, which i feel is important. at the same time, however, i feel mhblog is really boring.

i’m enlisting the help of my readers, which is probably only my mother, to help me with this abnormally hard decision. and if you have any suggestions, email me or leave a comment!


ps: be sure to check back frequently because when the new blog is unveiled, i’ll be doing an amazing giveaway, compliments of the addict in my house.


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how to throw a LOST party

in the spirit of the premier of LOST season 6, which is sadly the last season, i decided the blog world needs a how-to guide for throwing a LOST party. well, i guess it’s not so much a “how-to” as it is a “i think these would be cool to have.” the ajira ticket to guam is obviously a must, because how else are you going to time travel? once you get to the island, you can throw a whole fish wrapped in a banana leaf on the grill. and for dessert, crack open a few coconuts and fill with a tropical semifreddo. and how about one of these shots every time you’re flashed to the past, present or future?

in all seriousness, i am both excited and saddened for the arrival of the last season. i’m excited to have some mysteries solved, but let’s be honest, how will i get my jack/kate/sawyer fix when it’s over? i’ll let you ponder that while i drown my sorrows in some dharma cola.

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no, i’m not really sad, per-say, but i’ve been suffering from a case of the blahs, aka seasonal affective disorder, for a couple weeks. it happened to me during the winters in chicago, too. only when i lived in chicago, i attributed my funk to the subzero windchills, black snow, wind so strong and sharp you’re certain it sliced your down coat in half and the ever-so-enjoyable showering of half-frozen slush all over said sliced in half down coat, thanks to the always late 22 bus. overdramatic? never. for real.

my current seasonal affective disorder is somewhat of a mystery to me. i get to park in a garage (cue choirs singing), back up, i don’t have to wait for the 22 (choir still singing), i park about 5 feet from the door of my office (yep, still singing), we don’t get enough snow here for it to consider turning black and the lowest windchill temps we’ve had here are still higher than the average real temp in chicago.

maybe my funk is due to the fact that i’m suffering from SAD provoked by me missing my SAD i suffered when living in chicago, mainly bc, well, I WAS LIVING IN CHICAGO.

nevertheless, here are my coping mechanisms i use to trudge through these grey winter months.

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“Whenever the possibility of leaving Chicago flashes through my mind, the thought that comes in my head first (right after the one about leaving my Chicago friends behind) is:

‘There would be a hole in my heart and stomach where food used to be.'”

-via amber: notes on urban behavior

i’ll be the first to say that this is completely realistic.


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