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Fabric store challenge

What does one do while waiting for one’s mom and grandma at a fabric store? Have a contest to find the ugliest fabric, duh. Here are Anna and my top 3.

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happy birthday, baby violet

toddler and baby

dear baby violet,

you finally decided to show yesterday and i couldn’t be more thrilled for you. you get to go home with an awesome family who will love every inch of your baby yumminess. not only that, your mom is one of the coolest people i know and i am so thankful, every day, to have her as a friend. and your dad, well, seeing how much he loves your mom makes me all warm inside. i can’t imagine how thrilled he is to now share his love with THREE girls.

i can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks, but until then keep your head warm with these hats. i’m hoping they beat you home from the hospital. the violet one is for now and the bob marley hat is for a few months down the road. i think you’ll think they’re WICKED cool. your mom taught me that word, btw.

all my love,

p.s. it does not always snow this much in dc, don’t worry.

bob marley curls


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last sunday, while andrew had basketball practice, luke and i played a round of “pig.” suffice to say, it was the longest game of “pig” of mankind which was ever recorded. after we finished (and luke narrowly won), he shot around a bit by himself. after sucking so much playing with me, suddenly he couldn’t miss a shot. i guess i just bring out the best in my opponents.

i need a wide angle

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hand in the pants

hands in the pants

Everybody now:

hands in the pants

hands in the pants

lookin’ like a fool with your hands in the pants

for the record, i do love my brother(s). very much.

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punch buggy

my brothers think this game is the most awesome game ever. next to “doorknob,” of course. albeit a bit funny, it’s annoying (and dangerous, especially when you’re IN a vw) when you’re the only two people in the car. note (LUKE & ANDREW): the rule where you can’t punch the driver. i so owe you a punch. have you ever been curious about who invented this game? wonder no more, vw tracked him down. his name is sluggy patterson (first name is a bit ironic) and, wait for it….he has a blog. i’ll pause while you add it to your google reader. i constantly wonder why vw is so stinking cool and i’m so happy i support them.

side note: i really want to be friends with sluggy.

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peach pie

“family life is a bit like a runny peach pieā€”not perfect, but who’s complaining.”
-robert brault

peach pie

photo by amy breedlove (amy, do you have a new blog?)

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conversations with andrew




i’m not sure what he was so animated about, but it was pretty cute. i’m all about capturing the moment.

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completely candid

yes, this is how my brother eats. unprompted, candid and completely unapologetic. what’s he eating, you ask? get a load of this:

sunday, 1/17/10:

me: luke, did you know he (andrew) dips popcorn into nacho cheese?
luke: yeah, because it’s AWESOME.
me: i had just bought him a double cheeseburger, which he ate 20 minutes before.
luke: and?

i digress.

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nature walk with john locke

unidentified tracks
we commonly refer to dean as john locke, for obvious reasons that i don’t need to get into now. last weekend locke and i went up to our farm to check out the snow and he wanted to “see what kind of animals have tracked through.” allow me to set the stage:

3:13 p.m. we are on our way to the farm in dean’s jeep where he begins to LOAD HIS SHELL CASE WITH BULLETS (i may have been quoted as saying “sweet lord”).

3:15 p.m. we pull into the lane of the farm where dean proceeds to LOAD HIS SHOTGUN. nbd, i’m just sitting next to a LOADED RIFLE. as he sees me silently freaking he says, “it’s loaded, but the chamber is empty, ok? if we see a coyote, we won’t have much time.” who’s this “we” he keeps referring to? “here, look, see? it’s empty.” IT’S FINE, I DON’T WANT TO LOOK. PLEASE PUT THE SHOTGUN DOWN!

frozen pond



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2009 digested

so i realize i’m a little behind the 8-ball with the year in review post, but i’ve been busy being sick and traveling.

after i created this little video, with mostly pictures from this blog, but a few surprised sprinkled in (gotta keep it fresh), i realized that while i’ve been sort of wallowing in pity over how shitty my year has been, i’ve had some pretty kick ass memories, too. i guess there is always a ray of sunshine, if you look hard enough.

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