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there’s no “colin” in “defense”


Defense \De*fense

The act of defending, or the state of being defended; protection, as from violence or danger.

*NOT what black shirt (in the middle) is doing.

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2nd is the loneliest spot

i guess i had to comment at some point. no, sunday did not end well. but, it was a good game; an iu grad solidified the win for new orleans and despite what haters will say, the indianapolis colts left miami with their class intact. extra ring or not, i love me some colts and what will never change.

image via

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last sunday, while andrew had basketball practice, luke and i played a round of “pig.” suffice to say, it was the longest game of “pig” of mankind which was ever recorded. after we finished (and luke narrowly won), he shot around a bit by himself. after sucking so much playing with me, suddenly he couldn’t miss a shot. i guess i just bring out the best in my opponents.

i need a wide angle

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love letter from bill lynch

love note

let’s have a show of hands. who else received a letter from bill lynch this week? yeah, i’m guessing not too many. should you have remained an avid lover of all things iu sports-related, you too may have received your very own love letter from coach lynch, complete with your own piece of his gum. and bc i know you’re wondering, it’s “big red” flavored, what else would he chew?

love, bill

i think we all remember the ill-fated day, which made gum-throwing famous. note: this is not the day for you to tell me that i’m a biased, ignorant hillbilly who cheers for a sucky team. i already got reamed for that on this post. oh and the comment from said lovely gentleman was deleted immediately. i don’t need haters up in here.


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last night i finally dragged my underworked, lazy-from-the-holidays bum back into the yoga studio. it was long overdue and amanda kicked my ass, leaving me unable to raise my shoulders today. thank you, chaturangas. anyway, that’s beside the point. i went to firehorse, armed with my new yogitoes towel santa my dad gave me. funny story, somehow the wires were crossed and i was blessed with not one, but THREE yogitoes towels for christmas. thanks to amazon screwing up, only one excess had to be returned.

back to the point: yogitoes towel=amazing, bordering on yoga-life changing. i got the one pictured above, from the chakra line and it’s beautiful. only i realized the pretty little gold chakra image was supposed to go at the top of my mat (all yogitoes towels are printed with a circle “dot” making the focus point) and i had it at the back. these thin, towel-like mats go over the top of your regular yoga mat and have patented non-skid bumps on the bottom so you don’t slide around. so personal confession: i suffer from sweaty hands and feet. i had a procedure which alleviated the sweating in my hands, but my feet still bother me. when do they bother me most? in yoga class, of course. so much so that i almost always wear socks. that is, until last night. these mats help IMMENSELY with that issue.  i am so elated over this discovery.

yogitoes are available through many avenues and if you practice yoga on a regular basis, especially hot yoga, you need one. they’re a little pricey but totally worth it. just make sure you machine-wash several times before using to avoid color bleeding.


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sweat it out


in an attempt to keep this post shorter than britney’s denim jorts, i’m going to make this as concentrated as possible: i’ve been practicing yoga for a while, mainly vinyasa classes here and other classes on my own via here.

while i find amanda’s vinyasa classes thoroughly challenging, the next step in my yoga journey, and the point of this post, happened last weekend: my first hot yoga class. since i moved back here i’ve been looking for an excuse to try the studio at hot yoga louisville. if you’ve been thinking about trying hot yoga, i hope you find my experience informative. i decided to try their hot fusion class (vinyasa class in a hot room) since i have found a love for vinyasa classes (fault #1). i underestimated how long it would take to get to the studio, so i arrived rushed and stressed (fault #2). the first thing i noticed when arriving to the studio was how beautiful, bright and clean it was. then i noticed how nice and inviting the instructors were. i was really nervous as this was such a big step into an incredibly challenging world, but i felt at ease as soon as i checked in. i just did a drop-in class, which was $15 and i found that totally reasonable, especially considering they have very clean (and very cold) showers for after class.

i grabbed two towels, my sigg and headed into the studio. holy hot desert, batman. 105 degrees, to be exact (i looked). i think i can honestly say that i’ve never been in such intense heat in my life. onward ho, i picked my spot and sat down. and sweat. i noticed everyone had water with ice (fault #3) and a vitamin water (fault #4). carrie came in, started her playlist (of CONTEMPORARY music, thank GOD) and began class much like a drill sargent, which i kind of liked. as soon as that happened, i knew i was done for. this class was not to be relaxing or time to think about rainbows and ponies, it was time to WORK. and SWEAT. during the hour and 15 minute class, i had to leave twice (fault #5), which after the 2nd exit i was informed i should stay in the room if possible bc my body needs to get used to the heat, much like getting used to altitude. i was amazed at how my muscles responded to the hot room. not only was i more flexible, my balance exceeded any other class i’ve done. i had to take plenty of child’s pose breaks, but i am very proud of myself for completing my first hot class.

it wasn’t until after i had showered and pulled my skinny jeans (impossible task when your body won’t stop sweating) back on that i realized i probably should have done a true bikram class first, before i challenged myself with a hot vinyasa class. bikram focuses on 26 set poses, while vinyasa is more of a cardio workout….in a 105 degree room. side note, while looking for some facts i stumbled upon a calorie counter site that informed me i burned approx 650 calories during my 75 minute class. wowzers.

ok so my reaction: i loved it. i sweated like i never have before and i felt AMAZING after. i felt amazing because of the practice as a whole, which left my body singing (and sore for 4 days) and i was so proud for myself for pushing my mind and body harder than i ever have. i spent that day and the next drinking more water and gatorade cocktails (half water/half gatorade) than a hung over college kid and also dealt with some very, very sore muscles.

meanwhile, however, my mom is saying hot yoga is bad for me, which lead me to do research to prove her wrong (what else do daughters do best?). there are pages upon pages of sites which mention the benefits of bikram yoga and a few that talk about the cons. most of the negative warnings come for people with pre-existing illnesses, duh. but i am a healthy, relatively in shape 26-year-old so i see zero reason i should stop. just some of the benefits are:

  • the heat of the room speeds the warming up of the body naturally (you wouldn’t run a marathon without warming up first, so the room does it for you)
  • sweating detoxifies the body
  • as the blood thins, the circulatory system is cleared.
  • the output of cells which fight infection is increased, therefor increasing your immune system
  • weight loss is made easier because your muscles are warmed and can burn fat more easily
  • it is widely known that practicing Bikram yoga enables many of your bodily systems and functions – digestion, respiration, endocrine, lymphatic and elimination – to work in harmony

so with all that said (sorry, tried to keep it short), will/would i do it again? absofreakinglutely. i can’t wait to do it again. however, i will make a few adjustments: arrive earlier, bring a nalgene with ICE and a vitamin water, i’ll do bikram rather than vinyasa and i’ll stay in the room the entire class. oh and i’d love a yogitoes towel rather than a bath towel, as i was doing the slip and slide on my mat. and another warning, the one thing i DID do right was wear proper clothing, like that should come as a surprise. i wore simple, tight yoga shorts a tight yoga tank. two key words in that statement: tight and spandex. be appropriate, people.

Betsy’s Hot Yoga Louisville
4414 Shelbyville Road, Suite 201
Louisville, KY 40207


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the glory of old iu

sea of red

this past weekend marked the annual ‘old oaken bucket” game at iu. that rivalrous (lexicon, much?) match up also meant it was the last game of the season, since iu can’t seem to ever win enough games to secure a bowl game. we had an awesome tailgate, which, for the boys, began at 9 a.m. we were so blessed for such an amazing day (when is the last time you walked around, mid november, in short sleeves?) with great food and even more great people. we just won’t talk about who won. for now, so-long iu football season. let’s hope for better luck next year.

will you be my girl
best seat in the house

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on top of the world

carts 2
this past week i found myself on top of the word, for a couple of reasons. one of them was finding myself literally on top of the world. by that i mean on top of indiana. and by that, i mean on top of the (2nd) highest point in indiana at the pete dye golf course. i have been fortunate enough to have made it past the gates a couple of times since it opened this summer, but it’s always been for a work function where whipping out my camera might be classless frowned upon. last week i went again, but this time for the sole purpose of taking fall images of the course. it truly is a spectacular sight, especially in the morning, which was when i went. for a ridiculous chunk small price, this view could be yours (for a few hours, anyway).

back 9

clubhouse 1

clubhouse hydrangeas


practice green

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columbus is that way


biased opinion alert: i’ve never been to an IU away game, though dean has plans to change that next year, but i am certain that when i do, i will not parade around and taunt the HOME team. that’s why you’re called VISITORS. you’re there to quietly sit, take up the leftover seats and support your team with class. i’m not pointing and fingers, here, though the guy above is. i’m just saying…

also, i’m fully aware the other team won on saturday, but the hoosiers held them to a fairly close game, far from the shutout their fans hoped to see, and they/we should be proud.

also to note: said rule from above noting being a classy visiting fan, is obviously null and void when playing in west lafayette.


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hello fall

last night was the autumnal equinox. so exciting, i know. goodbye summer, i hope the door doesn’t hit you on the way out. the weather the past couple of days has been rainy and a bit cooler, and i LOVE it. i even got to wear my hunter boots to luke’s game last night. bring on (more) football, apple cider, pumpkins (& pumpkin candy), tights, boots and sweaters (look for a post on those last 3 very soon).

i snapped this as i was leaving the game. i was just using my point and shoot, so the quality isn’t very good, but i thought the two huddled teams and the way they were juxtaposed, with the moon overhead, was kind of cool. (as with all my images, click to view larger)


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