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power plant

power plant 2
my name’s meghan and i like texture. i also love signs. (i love and like a lot of things, if you haven’t noticed.) when i came back to jasper this summer, i was driving to the river walk and saw the sign at our power plant. i’ve lived in jasper for 20+ years and never noticed it. how freaking cool is it (esp for jasper)? answer: real cool. they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. i said that with a southern twang, could you tell?


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keeping quiet


at the band contest saturday, we sat behind 2, normally, rambunctious boys. these boys also happen to be the band director’s children. when we first sat down, i couldn’t help but notice how quiet jack was. and then i saw his source of entertainment (nevermind the glitter, music and ridiculous outfits happening on the field): a comic book. and then i thought to myself, ‘how many kids still read comic books?’ this wasn’t just a flimsy comic book, it was a graphic NOVEL. i asked his mom about said interest and she said he’s nothing short of obsessed after finding his dad’s old trunk stuffed FULL of comic books. she went on to tell me he had given jack free reign of the comic books. that is, until he browsed through ebay and discovered many were now worth lots of money. oops. reel the books back in. he obviously still gets to read many of them. and it’s a good thing, because save for a small request of a drink after jasper performed, i didn’t hear one peep out of him.

keeping quiet

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where do i start? this post is a convergence of so many things in this world that i love, my head is spinning. little known fact: i grew up taking ballet classes. all the way through high school and college, actually. most of those later years were spent wearing bloch ballet shoes. no particular reason, they just best fit my narrow foot. we all know my, and most women’s, love for shoes. i won’t go further. but, a while ago i walked into a martin + osa store and was starstruck when i saw these bloch flats sitting there, waiting to be touched. unfortunately, they didn’t get to come home with me that day, a lack of job (and funds) prevented them from doing so. but, lack of job no more, they are finally mine. but the story doesn’t stop there, it only gets better.

yesterday i got an email from the mom saying “your package from martin arrived. and osa, too.” like a true junkie i walked straight to my room and ripped open the usps box and pulled out the shoebox, opened and gasped when i saw this:


you’re kidding me, right? companies don’t make shoe boxes like this anymore! unless you’re lanvin, of course. the graphic designer in me squealed and the shoe-lover in me smiled. what you can’t see is the shoes were lying in a small pink satin bag. as most graphic designers do, i notice the design and look of everything that passes through my hands and eyes all day, every day. no matter where i am. billboards, emails, book covers…you name it, i notice it. the attention to detail, in cases like this, make me proud to say i’m a designer (of all kinds) and that some lucky designer out there got to dream this up and make it happen. 10 cool points to you (if you’re that cool, i must be pretty cool, too) and 20 cool points to bloch for letting a graphic designer have a little creative breathing room.

call me a nerd, but i will always remember the moment i opened that shoe box. not only because i love the shoes, but that box. oh man, that lovely, gorgeous, exciting box…



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bombs away

anyone who’s paid the least bit of attention to fashion for this fall knows that jackets (of all kinds) are king. i’ve been so inspired, that this will be my first of a few posts for fall jackets.

part I is reserved for leather biker/bomber jackets. what’s more rough around the edges/i woke up and threw this on over a floral dress/effortless/classic, than a leather jacket? the cool factor is through the roof. and as i’ve received at least 3 emails in the past few days, all advertising leather jackets, i knew i had to post my favs. i’ve been wanting a leather jacket for a few years, but haven’t made the purchase, mainly because i haven’t found one i love or have had the cash. below are my top 4 picks (in my price range, lord knows there are TONS i could dreamily ramble on about, but that’s useful to no one), and i definitely have a fav. i hesitated posted my fav because of the price tag, but since it’s the only one i truly love, i had to. i do have to say that there are a lot of cheap alternatives out there for faux leather jackets. they’re great, don’t get me wrong, but when i buy a classic, investment pieces like this, i really try to buy the best quality for what i can afford. it’s my rule and i’m sticking to it.


a- top shop biker

b- kenna-t moto

c- joie biker

d- marc by marc jacobs moto

which is your fav?


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calm yourself

those who know me well, know that one of my favorite games is ’20 questions.’ so much, in fact, that my bbe (best boss ever) once told me i ask more questions than his then 3 year old. case in point:

8:23 AM me: hey how long will your drive be from your new house?should i stop at big red and bring some beverages?btw did you see that he’brew beer i posted on my blog? i thought it was the funniest thing ever

8:24 AM Adam: too many questions at once
me: i just had an influx of caffeine
Adam: i could tell

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hello fall

last night was the autumnal equinox. so exciting, i know. goodbye summer, i hope the door doesn’t hit you on the way out. the weather the past couple of days has been rainy and a bit cooler, and i LOVE it. i even got to wear my hunter boots to luke’s game last night. bring on (more) football, apple cider, pumpkins (& pumpkin candy), tights, boots and sweaters (look for a post on those last 3 very soon).

i snapped this as i was leaving the game. i was just using my point and shoot, so the quality isn’t very good, but i thought the two huddled teams and the way they were juxtaposed, with the moon overhead, was kind of cool. (as with all my images, click to view larger)


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turtle power

the 2009 turtles races also took place this weekend. we usually don’t do themes, probably because there are too many other things to worry about, like bob, but given it was the 40th anniversary this year, we celebrated with a nod to woodstock. i’m still amazed at how, 15 years ago (really?!?! eeek!!!) i was one of about 4 kids at the turtle races and now it seems adults are in the minority. crazy how things change. a highlight of the evening, besides losing the only bet i made, was sampling a he’brew. i figured i should get some bonus points from my special friends by also celebrating rosh hashanah. fun side note: aside from being tasty and cheeky, apparently he’brew is kosher, too.

side note #2- no turtles were injured in the running of the 2009 buck shoals stakes and were immediately returned to their natural habitat post-race….with a fresh coat of paint, if you know what i mean.
master of ceremonies
winner winner, chicken dinner


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whip it

saturday we spent part of the day in owensboro, kentucky, for anna’s contest. upon seeing the “wonder whip” on the way into town, 5 excited adults proclaimed that we must stop on the way home. (isn’t their sign fantastic?) after sitting in direct sun for 3 hours, i wasn’t one to complain. though dean had the best pick with a homemade, real banana shake, i enjoyed my cherry version…and promptly felt like crap 35 minutes later. oh lactose, how i love thee. was the wonder whip worth my pain? oh yeah. bc they whip it. they whip it real good.

bonus points for anyone who knows what a “chuckwagon” is.

wonder whip




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peyton in training

andrew’s first football game (ever) was last night. he ran. he tackled. he scored. and he quarterbacked. he will love me (more) someday when he realizes i got his first ever touchdown captured on film, err digital file? it just doesn’t have the same ring…oh, and he’s #25 in black, or the kid in the middle of all of these frames, duh.


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sir strums a lot


i’m sad to say we have a second addict in our house. anna has felt victim to the beatles rock band epidemic. i came home from work last wednesday to find the above scenario. alone, with nothing but her thoughts and her guitar. and george, john, ringo and paul. i’m shouldn’t be throwing around the “a” word so freely, anna is far from spending all her (little) free time holding a plastic guitar. unlike some people, she knows when to let it go.

all joking aside, whether you like the beatles or not, this version of rock band is pretty cool, not going to lie. personally, i want to see an mj version, but this will do for now. one thing that got me with beatles rock band is the intro video. watch it, go ahead. do it now. though it is done very well, i love patchy aspect of how they layered the artwork, it still doesn’t beat the intro for catch me if you can. i’d be hard-pressed to find anything that ever will.  however, i’ll accept that challenge and perhaps i should do an entire post devoted to my love of movie intros….

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