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how to throw a LOST party

in the spirit of the premier of LOST season 6, which is sadly the last season, i decided the blog world needs a how-to guide for throwing a LOST party. well, i guess it’s not so much a “how-to” as it is a “i think these would be cool to have.” the ajira ticket to guam is obviously a must, because how else are you going to time travel? once you get to the island, you can throw a whole fish wrapped in a banana leaf on the grill. and for dessert, crack open a few coconuts and fill with a tropical semifreddo. and how about one of these shots every time you’re flashed to the past, present or future?

in all seriousness, i am both excited and saddened for the arrival of the last season. i’m excited to have some mysteries solved, but let’s be honest, how will i get my jack/kate/sawyer fix when it’s over? i’ll let you ponder that while i drown my sorrows in some dharma cola.

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no, i’m not really sad, per-say, but i’ve been suffering from a case of the blahs, aka seasonal affective disorder, for a couple weeks. it happened to me during the winters in chicago, too. only when i lived in chicago, i attributed my funk to the subzero windchills, black snow, wind so strong and sharp you’re certain it sliced your down coat in half and the ever-so-enjoyable showering of half-frozen slush all over said sliced in half down coat, thanks to the always late 22 bus. overdramatic? never. for real.

my current seasonal affective disorder is somewhat of a mystery to me. i get to park in a garage (cue choirs singing), back up, i don’t have to wait for the 22 (choir still singing), i park about 5 feet from the door of my office (yep, still singing), we don’t get enough snow here for it to consider turning black and the lowest windchill temps we’ve had here are still higher than the average real temp in chicago.

maybe my funk is due to the fact that i’m suffering from SAD provoked by me missing my SAD i suffered when living in chicago, mainly bc, well, I WAS LIVING IN CHICAGO.

nevertheless, here are my coping mechanisms i use to trudge through these grey winter months.

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LOST mania

completely ironic that while i was prepping my post for how to throw a LOST party (oh yes i did), these popped up in my google reader. amazing. the purple smokemonster is my personal favorite.


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this is bound to stir up some controversy. locke as jesus? oh man.

for the record, i love this shot. just saying.

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top 10 holiday movies

truth: i love christmas and everything that comes with it. snow, cookies, fire places, (real) christmas trees, family gatherings, frost on windshields, hot cider, christmas music and movies, etc. around the holidays, my house is a melting pot of all things holiday related and i do believe we could communicate with each other by using nothing but lines from christmas movies. so, since the best way to spread christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear, without further ado here is my top ten list of holiday movies (i’ve already watched 4 this season), along with my favorite quote from each movie, bc that’s how we roll.

1. christmas vacation. it’s a hochgesang family tradition and i could fill an entire post with my favorite quotes, i mean, have you seen my header? but my favorite, and the one i often say to my brothers: “get off meeeeee, you little fungusssssss.”

2. love actually. i mean, this doesn’t count as a quote, but this may well be my favorite scene from a movie. of all time. ever. as for a quote: “let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

3. elf. “buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” “francisco, that’s fun to say.” “watch out, the yellow ones don’t stop.” ok, you get the idea.

4. a christmas story. “fa ra ra ra rah, ra ra ra rahhhh.”

5. the family stone. “you have a freak flag. you just don’t fly it.”

6. the holiday. “i have found almost everything ever written about love to be true. shakespeare said, ‘journeys end in lovers meeting.’ what an extraordinary thought.”

7. home alone. “buzz your girlfriend, wuff!” “santy don’t visit the funeral home, little buddy.”

8. prancer. “i do believe, i do believe.”

9. miracle on 34th street. “faith is believing when common sense tells you not to. don’t you see? it’s not just kris that’s on trial, it’s everything he stands for. it’s kindness and joy and love and all the other intangibles.”

10. frosty the snowman. “i suppose it all started with the snow. you see, it was a very special kind of snow. a snow that made the happy happier, and the giddy even giddier…for it was the first snow of the season. and as any child can tell you, there’s a certain magic that comes with the very first snow, especially when it falls on the day before christmas. for when the first snow is also a christmas snow…”

honorable mention: little women. “we’ll all grow up one day, meg. we might as well know what we want.”

the mere thought of  these makes me want to grab one, along with a blanket, lilly and some hot chocolate and let my cares melt away. what are your favorites?


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i love fall. i love everything about it. mostly i love when you step outside in a sweater and you’re chilly, but a good chilly. chilly enough to wake you up from whatever your day has handed you. chilly enough to cause goosebumps. not this kind, this kind:


my lens is very tricky. that or i’m slow. maybe a combo. it has a macro setting on it, though i seem to only get lucky occasionally when actually works the way a macro lens should. anyone have any ideas why? it’s a tamron.


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barbie has a new bf

barbiebrace yourself, my inner girl is about to come flying at your face.

those who know me well, are aware of my two long-term boyfriends: marc and jonathan. they don’t get jealous of each other, they are in completely different markets. though they are in two different design realms, i believe their theme is the same: don’t take yourself too seriously and be happy and playful. living in chicago, i walked past jonathan’s happy store whenever i could and my little giraffe brings me lots of smiles. also, one of my goals in life is to stay at the parker palm springs, which was decorated, in it’s entirety, by jonathan adler. (some have goals of world peace, i have goals for staying in hotels. don’t judge) i think the only thing that could make me happier than staying at the parker, would be staying at the parker while fully clothed in marc jacobs (and world peace). aaaaah, heaven can wait.

back to my point. i hadn’t visited my bf’s site lately, so i hit it up and noticed this icon in the bottom corner. “wait, no, that can’t be what i think it is! BARBIE???? by JONATHAN ADLER!!???” above are my favorite picks from the collection, which you can see in it’s entirety, here. you may not be able to tell, but that candle is scented, “malibu,” what else?

also, i just noticed these and had to pick my jaw up off my desk. happy (phone) decorating.

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will you tutu?

81209i was digging through the “what’s new” portion of shopbop this morning, as i frequently do, and couldn’t help but realize how hugely the “ballerina” has influenced fashion for this fall.  i spent the better half of my childhood in a tutu, like emily, who was also inspired by all the tulle and ruffles. we’ve been seeing the high-wasted skirts for a while, which i love. cue choruses singing to praise a flattering shape. FINALLY. fall, however, has brought blatant ballerina gear, layered tulle skirts and all. it’s clearly not just for the economically privileged, so shop away, tiny dancer.

ps, those louboutins are my new obsession (size 8, in case you’re wondering).

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golden calf


if it’s wrong to idolize a 19 year old (and her style), i don’t want to be right.


images via here and here.

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sometimes forces come together and create a perfect symphony of perfection. (yes, i realize that was redundant.) like batman and robin, chocolate and peanut butter or marc jacobs and louis vuitton. enter travis wall and jason mraz.

i took forever to post this, but it’s my favorite dance from the best show ever, last week. it was choreographed by travis wall, a former contestant on the show, which is amazing in itself. behind the choreography, which was flawless, is an amazing song by jason mraz. my love affair with him continues to grow every time i hear a new song. the dance and song are about finally crossing the line between friendship and lover, something everyone has undoubtedly struggled with. jeanine’s, who is becoming a fast fav of mine, lines are incredible, the choreography is powerful and the package as a whole is incredibly moving.

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