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all you need

all you need


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sweets for my sweets

sweets for my sweets

i was snowed in and thus separated from my card reader this weekend, so here is a delayed shot of my valentines treats.

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fun with tilt shift

fun with tilt shift

in an ongoing effort to improve myself as a designer, i’ve made a pact to learn one new photoshop “trick” per week. up this week? tilt shifting. in layman’s terms, it’s the act of tweaking a photo to make it seem almost toy-like. some people hate it because you’re distorting reality. well, so it using too much contrast, but i’m not hating. it’s fun to do once in a while and it’s amazing what a few simple steps can do to really change the look of a photo.

*it looks better larger, so click the image.

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there’s no “colin” in “defense”


Defense \De*fense

The act of defending, or the state of being defended; protection, as from violence or danger.

*NOT what black shirt (in the middle) is doing.

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happy birthday, baby violet

toddler and baby

dear baby violet,

you finally decided to show yesterday and i couldn’t be more thrilled for you. you get to go home with an awesome family who will love every inch of your baby yumminess. not only that, your mom is one of the coolest people i know and i am so thankful, every day, to have her as a friend. and your dad, well, seeing how much he loves your mom makes me all warm inside. i can’t imagine how thrilled he is to now share his love with THREE girls.

i can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks, but until then keep your head warm with these hats. i’m hoping they beat you home from the hospital. the violet one is for now and the bob marley hat is for a few months down the road. i think you’ll think they’re WICKED cool. your mom taught me that word, btw.

all my love,

p.s. it does not always snow this much in dc, don’t worry.

bob marley curls


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houston, we have a problem

houston, we have a problem

lilly says, “how the heck and i supposed to pee when the snow is up to my neck? i’ll just hold it until spring, thank you.”


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last sunday, while andrew had basketball practice, luke and i played a round of “pig.” suffice to say, it was the longest game of “pig” of mankind which was ever recorded. after we finished (and luke narrowly won), he shot around a bit by himself. after sucking so much playing with me, suddenly he couldn’t miss a shot. i guess i just bring out the best in my opponents.

i need a wide angle

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