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golden calf


if it’s wrong to idolize a 19 year old (and her style), i don’t want to be right.


images via here and here.


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got beer?

Picture 1

it’s finally here, happy strassenfest. i believe, around here, this holiday season is celebrated more heavily that any other. if anything, far more beer and various fried and tubular meats with unpronounceable names are consumed, therefore making it the jolliest of the all the holidays. grab your dirndls and your beer pitchers, i’ll meet you in the biergarten for the chicken dance contest; better bring your A game.

Das ist gut.

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man down


ben gets the spotlight once again today and not just because this is obviously a fav photo. ben spent the night in the ER after sustaining a burn on four of his fingers from the muffler shield of a go-cart. if i’m not mistaken this marks his 3rd trip to what should be named “the memorial hospital, hochgesang family ER wing,” and the 7th for the family. i’m talking, ‘i flipped my bike and my head is gushing blood,’ visits. fevers and projectile vomit are for the weak.

after work, ben will be showered with ice cream and kisses until he gets a fever and projectile vomits. wait….

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method to my madness


welcome to the mind of a designer, well, this designer, anyway. erratic-yet organized, loves color-coding and lists and keeps detailed notes with status updates of everything. along with some doodles, like the color wheel thrown in.

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gchat musings

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new fav pic(s) alert. these are obviously from the 4H fair last week. what’s more middle america than crappy, soon to fall apart carnival rides operated by even creepier carnies and corn dogs?

i’ve finally done enough experimentation with my camera to feel comfortable with distorting exposure and shutter speeds, resulting in the top image. but as soon as i say that, i’ll learn something new, probably from my dad. patience, grasshopper. i think these may have to be blown up and placed somewhere in our house.

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playing dress up

DSC00419 copy

i found these shoes on bop last week and had to have them. aside from the fact that they’re by my main man, i wasn’t really sure why, i just liked them…something about them. then after wearing them for the first time, it hit me: when i was little and we played dress up, i always wore these little (i say ‘little’ bc she wore a size 5) black suede, cutout peep toe heels that were my great grandma clara’s. enter subconsciously recognizing a replica. leave it to marc to use nostalgia as a means to succumb to purchase.

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