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I’m spending the weekend in Michigan with a special someone. I’ll be back after the new year, but for now, I took this from the plane earlier and after tiltshifting it, I think it looks like a puffy quilt.


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Best gift ever

wooden turntable scrabble? yeah, i think he knows me.

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disco angels

there is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. the triumph of anything is a matter of organization. if there are such things as angels, i hope that they are organized along the lines of the mafia.
kurt vonnegut, jr., the sirens of titan

disco angels

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first snow


i documented our first frost, so it’s only appropriate i show our first snow. though we had a small ‘dusting’ a few weeks ago, that doesn’t count. in my book, if the grass isn’t covered, it didn’t snow, the sky simply sneezed. being a resident of antarctica, my standards for winter precipitation have gone way up. as did my tolerance for accompanying frigid temperatures, which i’m saddened to report have again, gone back down to wussy status.

frozed slide


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sniff sniff

i had the pleasure of meeting my new dog-cousin, lula, this past week. though i felt bad cheating on lilly most of the week/end since she stayed home, as she is too spastic to get along with other dogs, i very much enjoyed spending time wearing lula out. lula was rescued from a westie center in charlotte a few months ago and i think she blended into our family quite well. i might even go as far as to say she was voted in.

dear lula, i’m sorry i threw your toy next to the wall, thus making you run into the wall with your head. kisses, meghan

voice changer

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merry christmas to all


i hope you spend your day(s) surrounded by those you love, making memories for years to come.


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tree style

my favorite ornament EVER
i thought you might be curious to see what the “v” tree looks like. with the exception of a sporadically growing ornament collection, it looks the same every year, which i love. what i don’t love was the epic year my beloved REAL tree was replaced by our current impostor of a tree. yup, the v’s went fake. it’s so wrong. almost as wrong as margarine. (yes, you should stop eating that fake crap) mom’s solution? a candle. the candle smells more like pineapple than evergreen. yes i’m still bitter and no i will not get over it. i know what your thinking, “stop whining and get your own place and your own tree.” we’re not having that discussion here, k? thanks. besides, my laundry never smells as good as mom’s.

back to the point, there are ornaments on our tree i remember getting years ago and still put up every year. not counting the ones i “created” in preschool. those, conveniently, never see the light of day. i’m a creature of habit and traditions/small gestures like that make me smile.

ellen color-coordinates our presents

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