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friday night lights

so since i’m now an ‘official’ resident of jasper again, i figured i should spend my friday night supporting my sister and my alma mater as they played southridge, our rival high school. even though it rained and was on a lightening delay, jasper won by a lot to a little. it’s always fun to see the students (and some parents) continuing the tradition of such a huge rivalry.



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sir knits-a-lot


hi, my (mom’s) name is ellen and i’m a knit-a-holic. a few years ago my mom picked up the dirty habit and often finds herself on binges; staying up at all hours finishing a hat or spiraling down a dark hole that is knitwitts. she even has “meetings” every tuesday with other knit-a-holics. they only seem to feed off each other, though. if you ever happen to find her (she’s about 5’7″ with wildly curly hair) on a street corner saying, “that baby’s head looks cold. HERE, let me knit you a hat, it will only take a second,” please contact me.

in all seriousness, i’ve been meaning to post some of her creations for a while now. though she spends the majority of her time knitting hats forĀ  humanitarian efforts, she also knits upon request (in all shapes, sizes and colors), so if you want a piece of hers, please email me.


lilly says, “i am so NOT ok with this ridicule. wait, what’s that you say? ‘treat?’ ok fine. but i’m not smiling.”


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he liked what he saw


only the big man knows what, in that second, delighted ben. but, what delights me is lighting right at dusk. as if you all didn’t realize that by now.

can we talk about ben’s hair for a second? does it not look atomically charged? ben, you’re positively glowing.

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yes she can


lilly doesn’t know who obama is, but if she did, i’m pretty sure she’d say she’s more hopeful than he is. and that, “yes, mr. obama, i can.” however, her mantra has a lot less to do with universal health care, roe vs. wade, the war in afghanistan or the dismal economy. no, her mantra has to do, specifically, with the hope that someday soon, the kitchen counters will open up and rain down sweet, delicious food. lilly’s hope is so unwavering, that no matter the time of day, or how many times she’s heard “no,” if she hears the rattle of plastic, her ass is running into the kitchen faster than sammy sosa can fail a drug test. (sorry, had to say it.)

i believe lilly has used quite a few of her nine lives (dogs get nine, too, right?) in the kitchen, especially during the holidays when ellen’s kitchen more closely resembles a keebler elf house. and you thought the trenches of war were tough. try dodging giants more than 8 times your size and an oven door that could take you out in one foul swoop.

maybe we could learn something from such perennially hopeful animals. you go girl. because yes, you can. (especially if dean is eating popcorn.)


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Picture 2

there are few websites, or objects in general, that make me stop and stare. this is my current fav. the sheer simplicity is making me say, “duhhhhh.”


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i took the boys to the high school last night to watch anna’s rehearsal. when we got there they saw the big hill and conversation went as follows:

andrew: sis, can we roll down the hill?

me: um…you’ll have to shower when you get home.

ben: wha?!!?!????? (apparently rock stars have an aversion to soap and water. and i really need to get a video of him saying “wha???!?!!” sometime)

me: fine. will you let me take your picture, at least?

ben/andrew: deal

you’ll notice that, apparently, rock stars can’t figure out how to roll down a hill, as he could only get the lateral move down. i think ben’s glasses FOR SURE need to be bent back into shape after last night. sorry, dad.

IMG_5402IMG_5409IMG_5411IMG_5415yes, ben is kissing his bicep. you can’t not love that kid.

oh to be young again…..and to be a boy…..

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barbie has a new bf

barbiebrace yourself, my inner girl is about to come flying at your face.

those who know me well, are aware of my two long-term boyfriends: marc and jonathan. they don’t get jealous of each other, they are in completely different markets. though they are in two different design realms, i believe their theme is the same: don’t take yourself too seriously and be happy and playful. living in chicago, i walked past jonathan’s happy store whenever i could and my little giraffe brings me lots of smiles. also, one of my goals in life is to stay at the parker palm springs, which was decorated, in it’s entirety, by jonathan adler. (some have goals of world peace, i have goals for staying in hotels. don’t judge) i think the only thing that could make me happier than staying at the parker, would be staying at the parker while fully clothed in marc jacobs (and world peace). aaaaah, heaven can wait.

back to my point. i hadn’t visited my bf’s site lately, so i hit it up and noticed this icon in the bottom corner. “wait, no, that can’t be what i think it is! BARBIE???? by JONATHAN ADLER!!???” above are my favorite picks from the collection, which you can see in it’s entirety, here. you may not be able to tell, but that candle is scented, “malibu,” what else?

also, i just noticed these and had to pick my jaw up off my desk. happy (phone) decorating.

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