sir knits-a-lot


hi, my (mom’s) name is ellen and i’m a knit-a-holic. a few years ago my mom picked up the dirty habit and often finds herself on binges; staying up at all hours finishing a hat or spiraling down a dark hole that is knitwitts. she even has “meetings” every tuesday with other knit-a-holics. they only seem to feed off each other, though. if you ever happen to find her (she’s about 5’7″ with wildly curly hair) on a street corner saying, “that baby’s head looks cold. HERE, let me knit you a hat, it will only take a second,” please contact me.

in all seriousness, i’ve been meaning to post some of her creations for a while now. though she spends the majority of her time knitting hats for  humanitarian efforts, she also knits upon request (in all shapes, sizes and colors), so if you want a piece of hers, please email me.


lilly says, “i am so NOT ok with this ridicule. wait, what’s that you say? ‘treat?’ ok fine. but i’m not smiling.”



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