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moving up

most of you have probably guessed (it was pretty obvious) my big news. it’s my new (bigger, better, more awesome) blog. i’ve got a pretty amazing giveaway going, so check it out! and while you’re at it, update your readers with the new address. xoxo.


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happy birthday, baby violet

toddler and baby

dear baby violet,

you finally decided to show yesterday and i couldn’t be more thrilled for you. you get to go home with an awesome family who will love every inch of your baby yumminess. not only that, your mom is one of the coolest people i know and i am so thankful, every day, to have her as a friend. and your dad, well, seeing how much he loves your mom makes me all warm inside. i can’t imagine how thrilled he is to now share his love with THREE girls.

i can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks, but until then keep your head warm with these hats. i’m hoping they beat you home from the hospital. the violet one is for now and the bob marley hat is for a few months down the road. i think you’ll think they’re WICKED cool. your mom taught me that word, btw.

all my love,

p.s. it does not always snow this much in dc, don’t worry.

bob marley curls


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sir knits-a-lot


hi, my (mom’s) name is ellen and i’m a knit-a-holic. a few years ago my mom picked up the dirty habit and often finds herself on binges; staying up at all hours finishing a hat or spiraling down a dark hole that is knitwitts. she even has “meetings” every tuesday with other knit-a-holics. they only seem to feed off each other, though. if you ever happen to find her (she’s about 5’7″ with wildly curly hair) on a street corner saying, “that baby’s head looks cold. HERE, let me knit you a hat, it will only take a second,” please contact me.

in all seriousness, i’ve been meaning to post some of her creations for a while now. though she spends the majority of her time knitting hats forĀ  humanitarian efforts, she also knits upon request (in all shapes, sizes and colors), so if you want a piece of hers, please email me.


lilly says, “i am so NOT ok with this ridicule. wait, what’s that you say? ‘treat?’ ok fine. but i’m not smiling.”


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