worth it

i’m a bargain hunter/appreciator like a lot of people. i’m a reformed starbucks addict. most of my clothing basics come from target or old navy. i “shop my own closet” and use basic retail math. my every day (favorite) watch is a $40 timex. and one of my favorite things in life is finding something i’ve been lusting after for months, on sale. with that said, i do believe in buying for quality, not quantity. for example, i refuse to buy cheaper knockoffs of my beloved frye boots. the materials and workmanship can’t be beat and my 2 pairs are going on 3 years old and get more beautiful with each wear. side note: my cpw (cost per wear) of those babies has to be under a dollar. no joke.

i, like most people, have found places to cut back. one of those places had been with my makeup. not that i wear a lot, but as i’ve run out of my preferred items, i’ve replaced them with more cost-effective ones. prime example is my mascara. for the past 6 months (two tubes) i’ve been using my old standby from origins. it’s fine, but not great. for christmas, santa was nice enough to drop a sephora gift card into my stocking. i finally cashed it in recently and among my lute was my beloved, oh-so-amazing, diorshow mascara. kids, i forgot how little dior messes around when it comes to beauty products. my mom swears by their eye shadow (though i’ve never bitten that expensive bullet) and i’m telling you, there is not a better mascara on the market. i know $24 seems like a lot for mascara, but i’m telling you, it’s worth every penny. and if you just eliminate two starbucks visits or two movie rentals per month, it can be yours. to help illustrate this, i’ve broken down the cpw, or in this case, the cpu (cost per use).

$.27/day is more than worth it to me.


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4 responses to “worth it

  1. Looks like I could have written that…

  2. ellen

    do we have another addict in the house???

  3. Jackie

    OMG I am an official addict too. I love the Diorshow mascara and eyeshadow – worth EVERY penny – agreed!

  4. Gia

    Agreed! I live and breathe Diorshow Mascara… I prefer it to their blackout but both are fabulous. Some luxuries are definitely worth it!

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