stop and stare

sometimes, while going through my massive amounts of e-commerce in the morning, i come upon something that makes me stop in my tracks. this morning, i received this email and did just that. i mean, really. i was instantly inspired to create an outfit i would wear, based on the fantastic pair front and center. one of my favorite things in fashion is wearing a completely ridiculously fun shoe with a fairly subdued ensemble. it lets what’s going on south of your ankles really shine. which, if you’re spending that much on a pair of shoes, you want them to shine, right?

note: this entry is a “blog dream scenario” and i would never endorse spending such a ridiculous amount of money on such a frivolous object. put your money into something that does good. however, should a pair of these be dropped off by the barney’s stork, i wouldn’t turn them down (size 8). just saying.

1. metal link menswear watch

2. hard candy sunglasses

3. velvet matte lip pencil (in pop life)

4. perfect tee

5. christian louboutin greissimo

6. corwin cardigan

7. bdg ankle grazer (in indigo)

8. city clutch


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  1. That city clucth is the perfect colour and shape, love it

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