columbus is that way


biased opinion alert: i’ve never been to an IU away game, though dean has plans to change that next year, but i am certain that when i do, i will not parade around and taunt the HOME team. that’s why you’re called VISITORS. you’re there to quietly sit, take up the leftover seats and support your team with class. i’m not pointing and fingers, here, though the guy above is. i’m just saying…

also, i’m fully aware the other team won on saturday, but the hoosiers held them to a fairly close game, far from the shutout their fans hoped to see, and they/we should be proud.

also to note: said rule from above noting being a classy visiting fan, is obviously null and void when playing in west lafayette.


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4 responses to “columbus is that way

  1. adam

    this posting is why i dont like either ohio state or IU fans. I dont have a problem with Purdue fans. I’m neutral since my school doesnt count most of the time. i will say when we did play IU and beat them in btown, i was harassed by IU fans. the other fans i dislike, Notre Dame. They are never as good as they think they are.

  2. mike ley

    ohio state is just showing IU how to go to a football game. last time i went to OSU @ IU, the stadium ran out of food and everyone was pissed they had to actually sit next to someone.

    go bucks! wisconsin @ the shoe this weekend is going to go offffffffffff!

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