turtle power

the 2009 turtles races also took place this weekend. we usually don’t do themes, probably because there are too many other things to worry about, like bob, but given it was the 40th anniversary this year, we celebrated with a nod to woodstock. i’m still amazed at how, 15 years ago (really?!?! eeek!!!) i was one of about 4 kids at the turtle races and now it seems adults are in the minority. crazy how things change. a highlight of the evening, besides losing the only bet i made, was sampling a he’brew. i figured i should get some bonus points from my special friends by also celebrating rosh hashanah. fun side note: aside from being tasty and cheeky, apparently he’brew is kosher, too.

side note #2- no turtles were injured in the running of the 2009 buck shoals stakes and were immediately returned to their natural habitat post-race….with a fresh coat of paint, if you know what i mean.
master of ceremonies
winner winner, chicken dinner



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2 responses to “turtle power

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever been to a turtle race before, but I do have some turtles I could put in a race. They are fast! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. homegirlcaneat

    I love the groovy turtle!!!! How cute! My family friends used to have a traveling neighborhood tortoise that would roam from house to house and come back in like a week for a visit.. then would roam again! I was in LOVE WITH IT! 😀

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