whip it

saturday we spent part of the day in owensboro, kentucky, for anna’s contest. upon seeing the “wonder whip” on the way into town, 5 excited adults proclaimed that we must stop on the way home. (isn’t their sign fantastic?) after sitting in direct sun for 3 hours, i wasn’t one to complain. though dean had the best pick with a homemade, real banana shake, i enjoyed my cherry version…and promptly felt like crap 35 minutes later. oh lactose, how i love thee. was the wonder whip worth my pain? oh yeah. bc they whip it. they whip it real good.

bonus points for anyone who knows what a “chuckwagon” is.

wonder whip





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2 responses to “whip it

  1. Son

    Is Chuckwagon ice cream for recovering alcoholics?

  2. Larkin

    Would that be sourdough biscuits, beans of some kind, potatoes, and beef (prob. “meatloaf”)? Basically, an “Atkins-friendly” meal?

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