borrow tomorrow at hh

half of the thoroughly enjoyable band, borrow tomorrow, graced jasper with its presence this past weekend. they played a private show on friday, which i missed due to the fact that i was busy throwing my money away at the casino in french lick. though i had met robert before, and even shared a wiener schnitzel with at strassenfest, i had never heard bt play. sad, i know. i must say, i was/am thoroughly impressed, not that i had any doubts. you can buy their cd here and listen to their songs here.

some pics from the evening:

50% of borrow tomorrow

50% of borrow tomorrow

borrow tomorrow + adam schmidt

borrow tomorrow + adam schmidt



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4 responses to “borrow tomorrow at hh

  1. breedingcreativity

    Where were they playing?

  2. Looking though older stuff and came across your blog. Thank you for the mention. Borrow Tomorrow will be returning to Hammerhead on January 30! We would love for you to join us for the “full band” experience.
    -Rando … part of the “other half” that gets to participate this time!

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