i’ll never get those 2 hours back

anna and i watched this last night. i’m mad at myself for thinking it was actually going to be decent.  my time is precious and this wasted some very valuable hours.



this however, made up for any time i may have wasted over the past month.  amazing.  i’d go see it again. and again. i also loved that my movie date had previously seen it and got the giggles pre-punchline. always nice to get a warning before the bullet hits you. also, i’m officially crushing on bradley cooper and his amazing head of hair.

the hangover=amazing

the hangover=amazing

go see it. now.

ps, if you live in jasper, or the surrounding area, the new movie theater in french lick is amazing…so much better than jasper’s.



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2 responses to “i’ll never get those 2 hours back

  1. Cassie

    I actually think Bradley Cooper looks a ton like an older version of my husband. Lucky gal, I am. 🙂

  2. breedingcreativity

    That’s the movie theater we like to go to too. I’m so glad that you thought that movie was funny. We are going to go see it on our next date night. We’ve been wanting to see it since we saw the first preview.

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