current fav pic/meet ben


picasso of the sidewalk chalk genre

picasso of the sidewalk chalk genre

sometime “accidents” happen when taking photos and they’re almost always a good thing. i actually didn’t really even realize until andrew pointed it out to me, but you can see his drawing reflected in the lens of his glasses.  oh so cool.  his expression and the fact that i was in his face with a camera and he didn’t even respond is so ben: totally in the zone. definitely a fav pic of mine and needs to be blown up and printed asap.  

and speaking of, let’s meet ben:

age: 7; will be 8 on october 11, which coincidentally is the same day SNL first premiered in 1975 with the late george carlin as the guest host.

hair color: clear

nicknames: benny-butt, little buddy diapers, little buddy, ben jamin’

favorite movie: star wars, all of them

favorite song: eye of the tiger, survivor

favorite activity: playing guitar hero while singing along.  at all times.

favorite phrase: “isn’t it weird……”

future career aspirations: to be a rock star (quoted from ben, verbatim) 

and as seen in the below photo, he has a layer of dirt on him, not matter how ‘clean’, at all times. it’s just the way it is.



Everyone needs a ben-like person in their lives to keep them on their toes.


photo credits: meghan hochgesang



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2 responses to “current fav pic/meet ben

  1. breedingcreativity

    Cute little Ben. He just makes me smile 🙂

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