current fav pic 2

andrew (11)

andrew (11)

i snapped this at luke’s game last night.  my brothers love to cheese it up, so getting them to ‘act natural,’ whatever that means, can be difficult.  really, if being a cheeseball is your normal, then i guess that’s being natural.  i also love that you can see some of his many freckles, which are in my top 15 favorite things on this earth.

cheeseball andrew

cheeseball andrew

i also want to point out to my father, that when you give an 11 year old $5 at a baseball game (at 8pm, mind you), this is what you get in return: cherry laffy taffy, brite crawlers and a mountain dew, with caffeine, of course. this is reminding me of a certain kid’s book.


photo credits: meghan hochgesang


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